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Tax is something that only a small portion of us can avoid paying in our lifetime. And paying it correctly every time means saving money and saving yourself from potential trouble with the tax man.  To avoid this upset many people will turn to a tax consultant to assist them in getting their tax right the first time. Tax consultants and tax practitioners are financial experts who are trained to handle tax and tax law. Tax consulting allows the average person to have access to valuable tax advice and they will also help with tax submissions.

Tax practitioners help people of all backgrounds and at FMJ Financial Services we also pay particular attention to the higher end earner who has special interests in travel, retirement, and medical allowances or who have a foreign income. Tax practitioners are especially helpful in these cases as they are used to handling complex financial situations. But tax consulting does not just aim to handle those clients who are big earners, they also help the other income earners who do not understand the laws that surround tax.

A great tax advisor is someone who will treat each client as the individual that they are and who place an emphasis on building up a trust based on the unique needs of those who they work with. Tax is becoming very complicated and as a result, people are turning to tax practitioners to guide them. Even if you are able to handle your tax, sometimes having someone to take over the more complicated parts can reduce the stress that is often associated with tax. As tax advisors are specialists they will not only build up a trusted relationship with you but they will also build a long lasting relationship which helps them to continue providing you with a great service for many years to come.

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Tax consulting and tax advisors are in no way related to bookkeepers or accountants. Tax advisors focus all of their time and energy to providing tax related assistance, something which quickly becomes a full-time job. The tax world is complicated and requires lots of focus to get things done right each and every time.

Tax advisors are able to cover many fields of tax and they are always ready to help out. But finding a great tax advisor means that sometimes you will find that the amount of money you will pay out for their services can be high. This is true of all quality tax advisors and shouldn’t put you off of using a tax advisor to assist you.

Each year your tax submissions should be a stress-free experience. Dealing with SARS can be frustrating and confusing, the last thing that you should need to worry about after a long year of hard work is not getting your tax submitted on time or having to deal with other problems. These concerns can be completely avoided when you work with tax consulting services and a qualified tax advisor.

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Please Take Note:

We only start the consultation process once a person is registered on our Efiling system – this is due to the fact that we need to know what info SARS has before we can give any advice and this advice has to be in writing and also documented.

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