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FMJ Tax Consultants are qualified and experienced tax practitioners and 100% of our clients are individuals.

99% Audit Success Rate

Due to our research prior to submitting returns, the position we take when filing a return is correct. We also spend quite a bit of time presenting a case in an easy and understandable way to SARS. Due to this, most of our cases are successful during audits. However, those that are disputed, generally have the original result as when the return was submitted.


Billing is tailored

FMJ Financial Services understands that each client has different tax needs as well as different circumstances and therefore tailors your quote to match YOU! We quote according to the work that needs to be done or has been done and take factors such as complexity of work to be done, level of seniority, audit risks, financial situation etc into consideration. This means the client can always be assured that the quote has been carefully worked out and considered according to their circumstances and tax profile.


We keep up to date with tax laws and standards, so you don’t have to

In recent years, as the e-filing system has developed, SARS has progressively changed and keeps on changing. Any specialist and tax practitioner would understand even minor adjustments (although SARS has recently made major adjustments to their processes) or procedural changes and re-adapt to accommodate to the new standards. For example: did you know that SARS expects an objection within 30 days from a dispute or additional assessment? Missing this deadline may mean that your assessment is final. We understand this and therefore focus on getting it right the first time and avoiding the above situation. Where, however, there are additional assessments, we are able to quickly to object due to our extensive experience and understanding of how SARS works.


We specialize in our field

As we work with many clients, including accountants and even chartered accountants, we have extensive experience in dealing with tax submissions, audits, objections, penalty negotiations and other aspects of individual tax. As stated above, many accountants and chartered accountants even bring their business to us. Why? Well, it is simple. They work with businesses and issues around annual financial statements – not individual tax, day after day. Therefore, even though they are qualified in the field, they do not work with this daily and therefore simply don’t have the experience in dealing with this.


High standards of service delivery

We pride ourselves on the high standard at which we compile and complete cases along with accurate and regular communication with our clients. Our team is organized in such a way that they are able to provide our clients with the most efficient, productive and professional service possible.

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