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  1. Once you are registered with us, your case is given to a real, licenced tax practitioner with more than 5 years experience in the field.
  2. Quotes are done on a case by case basis.
  3. Billing is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.
  4. The once off fee per return includes one-hour free audit handling.
  5. We understand and keep up to date with new standards in the tax industry.

If your case is a straightforward case, you can consider using SARS to file your return. When, however, there are claims against your income, (travel allowance, home office, claims against commission income, business income, etc) it is recommended that a tax practitioner is used. The reason, well, SARS can now impose an understatement penalty for each error made on your return. (Between 50% – 200%) Therefore, a mistake (or ignorance) can cause much stress and financial loss.

For example, when filing a return and entering the incorrect value of your car (say due to ignorance), then SARS can issue a penalty for any excess benefit collected due to reasonable care that was not taken when filing a return. Or, where km are incorrectly logged on a logbook, SARS can also issue a penalty as this could be disallowed where certain elements such as the area and reason for the business trip was not noted.

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We are qualified and experienced tax practitioners and 100% of our clients are individuals.

There are many other examples. Remember, as the economy contracts, the government still needs their money in the form of tax collection. The more unemployment, the more collection required. This situation is not going to get better, it will get worse or SARS will just get stricter. (And they have full right to implement tax legislation per the letter of the law)

As we work with many clients, including accountants and even chartered accountants, we have quite a bit of experience in dealing with tax submissions, audits, and objections. As stated above, many accountants and chartered accountants even bring their business to us.

Why? Well, it is simple, they work with businesses and issues around annual financial statements – not individual tax day after day. Therefore, even though they are qualified in the field, they do not work with this daily and therefore simply don’t have the experience in dealing with this.

We are qualified and experienced tax practitioners and 99% of our clients are individuals as we only take on a company and corporate tax in exceptional cases where the client has a business and we wish to keep the client on our books. Other than that, however, we do not take on any business clients.