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Tax Practitioners Cape TownWhat are you looking for in a tax practitioner?

Are you looking for a tax practice that will be around in a few years? A practice that submits returns accurately and with care? A practice that can defend what was submitted and the peace of mind that comes along with this?

If your answer to the above is positive, we would like to hear from you. The reason?

We often receive calls from individual taxpayers requesting help in Cape Town as the person they have used is no longer contactable, submitted information which cannot be defended or simply did not handle the case with professionalism.

As tax practitioners, we are actively searching for more individuals to work with in the Western Cape area, particularly Cape Town and the surrounding areas since this is a well-developed economic area and a great potential for long lasting business relationships.

Even though tax practitioners could be close to your home or place of work, the average person finds themselves too busy to drive to the tax practice, consult with the tax practitioner and further communicate by means of e-mail and phones. It is far easier to submit documents using e-mail directly to your tax practitioner and discussing the plan of action over the phone, submitting the return and the process starts over again the following year.

We consider ourselves as premium tax practitioners due to our ability to stay in business for more than a decade, work with approximately 1 000 taxpayers per year and being able to focus on both smaller and complex individual tax returns.

As a tax practice, our focus is limited to individual tax returns only and we have come to specialise with filing only individual income tax returns, dealing with SARS, building audit files and delivering a service second to none.Tax Practitioner Cape Town

Our major success lies in preparing a case and building a SARS audit file after understanding the taxpayer’s position and identifying areas of risk and building the file in such a way that those areas of risk are reduced.

We research each case individually and determine the best way forward. Before any commitment is made, we always inform you of an estimated position before and once the return is filed and endeavour to deliver the service as fast as possible while maintaining accuracy.

Granted, some individual’s returns require fewer documents than the next person’s return due to the differences in complexities between cases but ask yourself: How much time will it take to organise, travel to and consult with the tax practitioner year on year?

We have simplified the process to submit a tax return

All the below documents could simply be forwarded to us.

Medical aid tax certificates and retirement annuity contribution certificates, IT3B’s, IRP5’s, travel documents such as car purchase agreements, logbooks, tracker reports, rental documents including rates and taxes, levy statements, repairs and maintenance invoices, agent statements and any other documents pertaining to a tax return.

Sole Proprietor – Most sole proprietors are under the R1 million mark and in such cases, invoices and expenses could be e-mailed to us or Dropbox could be used.

What you could expect working with FMJ Financial tax practitioners in Cape Town?

  1. Assessment of your situation (Past or current returns) in order to draw up a plan of action;


  1. To be guided on what information / documents to be sent;


  1. To have an audit file built (Our work) and any SARS queries to be answered in a timeous fashion.


  1. To be informed of any feedback when an event occurs (Such as a return submitted, an audit completed, etc.)


  1. Returns submitted on time (providing we get the documents / information on time) and to be informed during the year when it is time to send documents, which documents to be sent, etc.


  1. An objection to be done against any additional assessment at no extra costs


  1. In only a hand full of cases, for an appeal to be submitted to SARS where an initial dispute is successful (Sometimes we have to charge extra for this as we would have to correspond with SARS legal)

This process could be followed irrespective of where a person is located, and we have even helped many taxpayers (expats) complete their tax affairs whilst abroad.

How we work with more complicated returnsTax Practitioner Cape Town

Once we understand a taxpayer’s situation and the work that is involved, we call for documents which the taxpayer needs to submit to us. During this process we will determine if we have all the documents, request further information and guide the taxpayer until we are satisfied with the information supplied to us. From there we start compiling the audit file until complete and then we are able to submit the return and defend the information submitted to SARS during any audit. To illustrate, lets make use of an example:

Example of a tax situation

John Smit is an individual taxpayer and earned independent contractor or commission income. During John’s initial call we understood the type of expenses would be acceptable as an expense against the “trade income”. It was furthermore discovered that John wants to put in a claim for travelling done, phone, internet, marketing and a few other costs. We therefore issue a mail requesting these documents and these are sent through to us. Where John is not sure, he makes contact with us and we guide him through the process of which documents are correct and which are incorrect. Once all the expenses are present, we are able to work through these categorising them and ensuring that the expense is a valid business expense. There might be a few queries and a few more expenses admitted, or some excluded. Once the file is complete, we merge the various documents and complete our summaries with letters of explanation where required and submit to SARS.

The process generally runs smoothly from there and if SARS has any question / queries, we take utmost care to answer these queries. In some cases, SARS issues an additional assessment and unless SARS has a valid point, we dispute any such additional assessments. Due to the time and care that goes into building these files, we have an extremely high success rate and only seldom need to object against additional assessments. (Due to our efforts to avoid SARS additional assessments in the first place)

The process is repeated the following year.

In this case, building the audit file was necessary (as is with each case) and the document had to be electronically stored and must be maintained. As tax practitioners, we have excelled in this and this is the key to our success.

If you are looking for a tax practice that will still be around next year, is able to provide you feedback before you commit and is committed to building proper audit files to withstand audits, then look no further. We are professional tax practitioners in the Western Cape with a history of more than a decade working with individual tax returns.

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